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  • The week of reading and literacy. From Knowledge Day to International Literacy Day

    Literacy begins as soon as you acquire reading skills. In case you read 11 pages or 1 hour a day, you can keep up the skills that you already possess. To improve your reading skills you are supposed to read more than this limit. An integral component of literacy is the writing skill. You can learn to write very well by means of keeping record of your thoughts for 20 minutes daily.

  • Reading that unites us

    The project is supervised by Reading Association of Russia and Schools Where Literacy Thrives. The project is aimed to identify the reading range of children, adolescents and adults.

  • The Schools Where Literacy Thrives

    The aim of the project is to create a model of the "ideal" school acceptable for any European country. The key concept of the school where literacy flourishes is to organize the process of learning and teaching around reading and books. 

  • The publishing project "It’s time to read"

    Under the project, the Association has issued a few unique books, among them - four volumes of "The Wise and Funny Fairytales from all over the World". RAR publishes such books as: "Homo Legens – A Reading Person " - a collection of research papers on the problems of reading and "Reading as a means to join the global educational community". All publications of Russian Association of Reading can be seen in the section "Our publications" if you go to

  • The concept of the National Program of Support and Development of Reading. The section of school reading.

    Its original premises:

     - Reading is treated as a means of achieving personal fulfillment and social success.

     - Reading characteristics of Russian schoolchildren should comply with international standards of assessment. 

    - Children should enjoy reading.

    International project.

  • Thinking about the Little Prince: discovering the Planet of Books

    The project issued the prize "Thinking about The Little Prince ", which is awarded to the public figures who have put to life the best social and educational ideas aimed at initiating people to the world of reading and raising the prestige of reading in society in general and education in particular. The decision is taken by the juvenile as well as the adult jury.

  • Inter-regional juvenile reading forum

    It’s a traditional work modus for the schools, where literacy flourishes, within the long-term project "The book designed for all people and for all times". The project embraces Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novorossiysk, Ekaterinburg. The Forum is open-ended, and after its regulations go public, the forum can be joined by everyone, including readers’ teams collected by libraries.

  • The project "Successful reading"

    The project considers reading as a "lifelong educational program". It aims to motivate children, adolescents and young adults to read more, relying on the recreated image of reading and renovated conditions for developing reading culture of the younger generation in educational institutions.

  • Projects of the Svobodnensk regional council of RAR

    The project "The Journey of a Runaway Gingerbread Boy" aims to enhance preschool children’s long-lasting interest to reading.

    The project "The Reside in a Book Museum" develops creative abilities of young readers and helps them understand how details of the text get together.

    The project "The Fair of Visimsk" develops the local history direction, based on the books of a famous Siberian writer D.N.Mamin-Sibiryak.

  • Projects of the Chelyabinsk regional council of RAR

    Year of Reading Project in the Southern Urals is "The Reading Ural is a Real Russia" (2007). The aim of the project is to enhance the reading activity of Southern Urals residents.

    The project International Intellectual Forum "Reading on the Eurasian crossroads " (2010).

    The forum aims to unify the professionals of book publishing industry and attract their attention to the problems of reading enhancement and information culture development in Eurasia.

     The project Regional Forum of Young Readers “A Book is a Way to Success" April 26, 2011. The aim of the project is to enhance reading of the younger generation of the Chelyabinsk territory, to raise the role of books and reading in the socialization and personal fulfillment of a young adult.

    The on-line megaproject "Support and Development of Reading in the Greater Urals: Library "locomotive" (2011 -). The aim of the megaproject is comprehensive support and promotion of reading activity of the population of Ural. 

    The second international intellectual forum "Reading on the Eurasian crossroads" (19-20-21 September, 2013). The forum aims to unify the professionals of book publishing industry and increasingly focus their attention on the problems of reading enhancement and information culture development in Eurasia.

  • Reading from paper sheet vs reading from the screen

    The project of RAR and Schools where literacy flourishes 2009 -2010.

    The project "Reading from paper sheet vs  reading from the screen " is  a research of the quality of reading among schoolchildren of  6 - 8 forms of secondary schools. The experiment was held on the basis of two types of texts: fiction (a fairy tale) and non-fiction (an educational narrative).

  • The school of teaching skills RAR

    School program includes two courses: "Strategy-based approach to teach reading" and "Foreign methods of teaching English . Text-processing activity."



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