Reading Association of Russia

International Contacts

The RAR goals and tasks in the area of international contacts include:

  • to strengthen ties between teachers, librarians, sociologists, psychologists, university teachers, researchers, book publishers and distributors, and other specialists in the sphere of reading and text-related activity;
  • to promote an exchange of ideas between Russian and foreign specialists; 
  • to test out and adopt practices of international partners;
  • to promote and share Russian experience.


The RAR in a system of international non-governmental organizations for reading and literacy

Being a member of the International Development in Europe Committee (IDEC), the RAR is also an association affiliated with the ILA.

ILA - International Literacy Association

Founded in 1956 as a non-profit, professional organization the ILA comprises eight international development committees covering Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Eurasia, Europe, Latin America, and Oceania.

IDEC - The International Development of European Committee
Founded in 1979, it includes representatives of 31 European countries and Israel.  IDEC works to promote professional communication and cooperation in Europe in education and culture, particularly in the sphere of:


  • teaching reading and literacy (text-related activity) in the native and second native language and foreign languages at all stages of education;
  • promoting and developing reading in all its forms and aspects.

The RAR is represented in the European committee by Natalia N. Smetannikova, the President of the RAR.


The RAR is a member of the Federation of European Literacy Associations (FELA)

FELA - Federation of European Literacy Association

FELA was established in 2008 and currently encompasses 29 national literacy and reading associations. It carries out academic and empirical research in the field of reading and literacy teaching, such as PIRLS (10-year-olds’ literacy), PISA (15-year-olds’ literacy) and PIAAC (adults’ literacy).

Working meetings of IDEC/FELA are held twice a year in different European countries.



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