Reading Association of Russia


Development of reading skills and literacy are the questions of national priority.

In librarianship

  • to promote, evaluate, validate and implement RAR and IRA projects;
  • to create and develop library programs  based on the RAR experience including the training of library staff, teacher-librarians, reading tutors;
  • to hold joint conferences, seminars, round tables and other events.

In publishing and distribution of books

  • to popularize and promote reading as a tool for education and a means of participating in public life, acquiring a sense of self-fulfillment and achieving social success;
  • to create joint programs aimed at balancing reading from screen and reading from print in different social contexts;
  • to hold joint conferences, round tables and other events relying on the RAR national and international experience.

In science

  • to develop a general theory of reading;
  • to conduct international and national academic research;
  • to identify the characteristics of reading from screen in the modern media and video environment.

In education

  • to implement an interdisciplinary approach to teaching reading and literacy in secondary school;
  • to update the concepts of reading from print and from screen;
  • to carry out workshops (“a School of Teachers’ Mastery”) to promote the professional development of reading methodologists, reading tutors, subject teachers, university teachers, librarians, and psychologists in the sphere of reading psychology and pedagogy.



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